Farewell summer by piotrekfil http://flic.kr/p/psB1d6
Moraine Lake, Alberta by AlbertaScrambler http://flic.kr/p/pbV2zF in pool: Mountains & Clouds

Piazza di Trevi - Roma - Italy by Anyore http://flic.kr/p/p754W6

Lomo fisheye 800 iso
Bicycle by Iiro Rautiainen http://flic.kr/p/paNpf5

Panorama out of 10 photos.
He leads me beside still waters. by erglis_m (Mick) http://flic.kr/p/pciDUx
Upper Seletar Reservoir (270914) by ng yc http://flic.kr/p/ppRaCD

Lee Filters Cir Polariser
Singh Ray GND Reverse .9
Lee Filters GND Hard .6
Senja in autumn by hanneketravels http://flic.kr/p/pkSpdm

View from the Bergbotn viewing platform on Senja, an island south of Tromsø in Northern Norway. Beautiful autumn colours, and the first sprinkling of snow on the mountain tops.
Autumn 2014 by @pratulraghav http://flic.kr/p/pong8i

It’s that time of the year again when you have golden leaves all around you.

Sorry for not being active for more than a week…Been very busy with work. Will catch up with your streams tonight.

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The Queen On The Blue Marble. by Nattawot Juttiwattananon (NJ) http://flic.kr/p/pobSpU

Seen and photographed at the Granville Island, Vancouver, BC - December 2nd, 2013. 

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Oxborough Hall by Meleah Reardon http://flic.kr/p/j7N1dM

Oxborough Hall is a late 15th century moated manor house built by the Bedingfeld family, who still occupy this house today.

The hall is well known for its priest hole,  a hiding place for priests built into many of the principal Catholic houses of England during the persecution of the Catholics. The room is reached via a trapdoor, which when closed blends in with the tiled floor.